The following describes how to select using the Command Line Interface. Cli can also be used within Mechtrons and Controls

To start with you can select a Particle by its exact name but that isn't very useful other than to test if it exists or not:

select localhost

And you can select a list of Particles you can use a very familiar wildcard:


If you want to get a recursive result use **:


What if you want to get a recursive result but you also want to include ? You can use the inclusive operator:


If you want to select by Kind you can do that too:

select **<User>

The above will return ALL users in the Cosmos.

You can combine Point & Kind selects:


Also you can wildcard a Sub Kind:


For Artifact Bundles you can use SemVer matching rules:


The above will return all Bundles with a version 3.0.0 and greater

AND you can select for a Specific Version:


The above will return all Postgres databases above version 9.0.0 any variant.